Video: Anquan Boldin Gets KTFO by Eric Smith's Cheap Shot

Filed under: , , , Eric Smith destroyed Anquan Boldin in the Cardinals - Jets game, to the point that Boldin had to be taken off the field in a stretcher. It was a cheap shot -- helmet to helmet, natch -- and you will see it if you wait for the replay to slow down.

The problems with this hit are abounding. First of all, what the hell was Ken Wisenhunt thinking here, having Boldin in during a blowout? More importantly though, what the hell was Smith thinking, throwing a helmet to helmet shot on Boldin during a blowout? It was a completely unnecessary injury and unfortunate that it had to happen.

On the bright side, Boldin is "alert" and moving his extremities, but still, totally unnecessary on a number of counts.

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