Tuesday's NBA Guide: Marbles Galore

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Orlando at Cleveland, 7 PM ET

Matt Moore popped out a terrific preview of Orlando's highly important visit to Cleveland. Check it out.

Boston at Chicago, 8:30 PM ET

A loss in Milwaukee has the Celtics trailing the Cavaliers by a grip ... and in danger of falling to third behind the Magic. When does Kevin Garnett come back?

Not tonight? Oh ... Friday? Bummer. The Celtics will pick themselves back up and be ready for April, May and maybe June. But ceding home-court advantage to the Cavaliers and Magic in the process isn't the best result for the champs.

Detroit at Dallas, 8:30 PM ET

You know who still isn't back? Allen Iverson. The Pistons seems a bit less worried than their friends in Boston. Supposing A.I. can find it in himself to accede to that wondrous mistress named "Chemistry," and supposing that Michael Curry can find the fortitude to push Iverson to a full-time bench role, The Answer can help the Pistons. But we're supposing an awful lot, I suppose. (There I go again!)

C+C Music Factory wrote a song about the Mavericks once.

Sacramento at Atlanta, 7 PM ET

This is the point in which I become a shameless whore: Micah Hart, the wonderful web dude for the Atlanta Hawks, had yours truly on the team's weekly podcast to talk Kings, Hawks, Kings-Hawks, and assorted NBA sundry. This is a game you CAN! NOT! NOT! MISS!

Minnesota at San Antonio, 8:30 PM ET

Washington at Utah, 9 PM ET

L.A. Clippers at Golden State, 10:30 PM ET

Philadelphia at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 PM ET

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