Torry Holt Apologizes to Marc Bulger for Scott Linehan's Incompetence

Man, what a great time to be a Rams fan. Easily the worst team in the NFL (with, as Matt Snyder wrote yesterday, "all apologies to the Lions"), St. Louis has now decided to give up on the 2008 season three weeks in, and bench Marc Bulger for Trent Green. Because it's 1999 up in here. Or something.

Whatever, running back Steven Jackson wasted little time ripping "head coach" Scott Linehan for the move, and today we learn that perennial Pro Bowl wideout Torry Holtpromptly apologized to Bulger upon hearing the news, like it was somehow his fault that Linehan sucks at his job.

"You know I was shocked, I was really shocked," Holt said. "First and foremost, I went up to Marc and I immediately apologized to him as a receiver and for our receiving group and for our offense for not making enough plays to give him an opportunity to stay on the football field with us as we move forward in the fourth week."

Holt declined to comment on whether he thought Linehan had made the right decision in benching Bulger.

"I'll keep those thoughts to myself and just go ahead and move forward with what we have," Holt said. "Trent is the quarterback for Sunday, and we have (Leonard Little) back, so let's talk about some of the positives."

Okay, Torry, let's talk about some of the positives...

(hums) ...

(taps fingers) ...

I got nothing. I suppose the thought of Linehan not having a job for much longer is potentially good news, but even when he's gone, the Rams will still be the NFL laughingstock.

On the upside (and in the meantime) Linehan is focused on doing the job at hand: "Again, we are all in this together and we are trying to find solutions to what has not been a good start to the season with our record. To not sit here and make some hard decisions, I would not be doing my job..."

Yeah, whatever you say, Scott.

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