Tom Sietas Holds Breath for 17 Minutes, Breaks David Blaine's World Record

Filed under: This is Tom Sietas breaking the world record for holding breath underwater on today's episode of Live with Regis and Kelly:

Sietas, a German diver, held
his breath for 17 minutes, 19 seconds, breaking David Blaine's old record of 17 minutes, 4 seconds.

After the jump, read the complete rules -- courtesy of Guinness World Records -- for the sport (if I can call it that) of holding your breath.

Guinness World Records
Longest time breath held voluntarily
27 July 2007

The following act as a guide to the specific considerations and undertakings, in addition to the
general requirements as detailed in the General Rules of the Record Breakers' Pack, for any
potential attempt on the above record.
They should be read and understood by all concerned - organisers, participants and witnesses
- prior to the event.
Please note that, as detailed in the Agreement Regarding Record Attempts, these guidelines in
no way provide any kind of safety advice or can be construed as providing any comfort that the
record is free from risk.

The record for the longest time breath held voluntarily is based on time.

1 - The attempt is to take place in a swimming pool or tank.
2 - The person making the attempt is allowed to hyperventilate with oxygen a
maximum of 30 minutes before hand.
3 - The clock starts as soon as the persons' head is fully submerged.
4 - The attempt must be timed using a highly accurate stopwatch by an experienced
5 - No breathing apparatus is allowed to aid the person attempting the record during
the attempt.
6 - At all times there must be at least two divers in the water with the person
attempting the record or at the top of the tank, ready to jump in if necessary.
7 - Nose clip and goggles may be warn.

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