Sunday Morning Tailgate: Live Fantasy Football Chat at 10:30 AM Eastern

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So it's week three in fantasy. One of the last weeks where every owner still has a chance -- yeah, if you start 0-3 the panic button should be pushed.

We've ranked some positions, given you some stars that could be sit-worthy, talked about injuries, gotten some z's, and now it's time to discuss your specific questions. Stop by for our tailgate, and we'll give you stellar fantasy advice! We're 90 percent sure that our advice works at least half the time. Or something.

Seriously, if you have lineup questions or wicked weird scoring systems, stop on in and pick our brains. If you want to tell me how stupid my rankings are (you'd be wrong), please stop on in and let me know. Criticism is quite welcome ... and fun.

We'll be here from 10:30 until 1:00 when the games kick off. Stop on in, even if only for a few minutes and we'll post as many comments/questions as is humanly possible.

Bring your green hat (I know I've used that before but it really never gets old for me).

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