Steven Jackson to See More Carries After Only 27 in Two Games

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Seriously, the Rams suck ... and they have only handed the ball to arguably their best offensive weapon 27 times in two weeks. Obviously, you can attribute some of that to being far behind in the games and having to throw the ball in order to catch up. That doesn't, however, tell the whole story. Offensive coordinator Al Saunders has been a bit conservative with Steven Jackson because he doesn't think his body was ready yet, after a lengthy holdout:

"Steven's a special back," Saunders said, "but I don't care who you are, it takes time to get into the flow."

There are more touches coming Jackson's way, however, in the upcoming weeks.

"We have to get the ball to our best player, No. 39," Saunders said. "He hasn't run the ball enough, and we need to make sure that we establish our run" so that opponents can't tee off in obvious passing situations.

Well, that would be a start.

With as bad as the defense has played and as easily as the offensive line allows opposing defensive fronts to pressure Marc Bulger, it doesn't take an offensive guru to figure out the best way for the Rams to gain an advantage is by running the football about 30 times per game. Keep that clock running and move those chains. We'll see how it turns out this weekend in Seattle, an opponent who has allowed 67 points in two games.

Fantasy Spin:
I'm sensing an old-school (well, not too old ... I was thinking '06 level) SJax blowup in Seattle. It's not out of the question for a 25 point outing, even though the game is on the road and the Rams will likely lose.

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