Ryan Dempster Will Start Game 1 for the Cubs

In order to have a season like the one the Cubs have had, some luck is always involved. I mean, Jim Edmonds ... come on. Still, I think the craziest thing that's fallen the Cubs way this year has been Ryan Dempster's return to the rotation. Once upon a time he was a pretty decent prospect for the Marlins, but he slowly evolved into a terrible closer for the Cubs. Which is why it's insane that when Lou Piniella said that Dempster will be starting game one of the NLDS and that he deserves it, he's actually right.

The Cubs will open the playoffs at Wrigley against most likely either the Mets or Dodgers (there's also an outside shot they'll play the Phillies) and Dempster is 14-3 at Wrigley this year with a 2.86 ERA and 114 strikeouts against only 52 walks in 129 innings. For comparison, Dempster had a total of 12 wins between 2003 and 2007. It goes against logic and reason to say this, but getting Dempster two starts at Wrigley in the NLDS is solid strategy.

If you're keeping track at home, that means the Cubs can start off the NLDS with Mr. Wrigley, then go to Rich Harden and Carlos Zambrano for the next two games. If the series is still going, they can trot out Ted Lilly and then Dempster for one more at Wrigley in the fifth game. That's really a pretty scary rotation. What are Cubs' fans worried about again?

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