Rough Putting: Five Golfers Whose 2009 Will End Up Disappointing Everyone

Golf season starts tomorrow, which means it is time to actually start thinking of the best game with dimples. While the giants take a nap, others will play at the Mercedes Championship, and golf will be around the rest of the year. FanHouse spent a couple of minutes thinking what is to come in 2009. Here is what transpired.

1. Tiger Woods
Yes, that's right. I said it. Tiger. Freaking. Woods. It's stupid of me to even suggest it and I'm pretty sure I might be the only person not picking him to win 40 tournaments and maybe five majors. And it's only because he's coming back from major (No pun intended. Seriously. Stop it.) surgery and, well, regardless of his injuries, expectations are going to be high.

He did, after all, win the US Open with stumpy legs, yellow teeth and an issue with obesity. Oh, wait. That was Johnny Miller. But still -- Tiger did it on one leg. Look, he's going to be good/great/Tiger-style this year, and he's going to win tournaments, but that ridiculous moment will cause people to be disappointed if he doesn't win the Grand Slam.

2. Sergio Garcia
The title of "Best Player Never to Win a Major" (BPNTWAM) is fairly ridiculous when you think about it. Some golfers are very good, some are great and some choke under pressure because they're wearing lavender shirts on Sunday. Sergio isn't in the first class, but he's talented as hell. Yet, if he wins a major, guess what? You got it -- someone else takes the title. But it won't happen this year. Pressure is a B on lavender.

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