Ronnie Brown Is Making Bill Belichick and the Patriots Look Like Fools!

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One of the things we've been led to believe is that the New England Patriots' coaching staff is the best in football. I mean, they are pretty darn good.

But they are getting embarassed by the ... yes ... Miami Dolphins today.

Ronnie Brown has rushed for three four TDs for Miami. Normally, that wouldn't be something that is extremely out of the ordinary. However, Brown rushed for them all while getting a direct snap from the center and running it in.

Yes, QB Chad Pennington has been going wide to the right, Brown is in shotgun formation and Ricky Williams is split to his side. Brown takes the snap, fakes the hand-off to Ricky and then runs it in. Three Four times.

They did it again just now ... except the Patriots finally figured it out. Well, they thought they did until Brown reared back and threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to TE Anthony Fasano.

Miami is up 28-6 in the middle of the third quarter 35-13 in the 4th quarter.

New England hasn't lost a regular season game since December 2006. Miami was the team that beat them on that day. The Phins have won one game since.

I know that these things can be big surprises when thrown out at you ... but you'd figure the "best coaching staff in the NFL" could make some adjustments.

UPDATE: Brown just scored on a 62-yd TD run. Four touchdowns rushing and one touchdown pass.

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