Remembering Colts' Touchdown Monkey, a Rip-Off of Anaheim Angels' Rally Monkey

Filed under: , , This is several years old, but I had forgotten it existed until Epic Carnival and Shutdown Corner reported on it this week, and it's just a strange enough video to be worth re-posting. It's a short-lived Indianapolis Colts mascot named Touchdown Monkey, and, well, just see for yourself:

Epic Carnival calls Touchdown Monkey "10 times better than Rally Monkey," but I must beg to differ. I went to about 20 Anaheim Angels games in 2002, the year Rally Monkey became a star as the Angels won the World Series, the year sports writers were winning awards for columns about the Rally Monkey, and I am a firm believer in the power of the Rally Monkey.

I think the Colts had a lot of nerve ripping the Rally Monkey off, and I'm glad the Touchdown Monkey has been largely forgotten, whereas the Rally Monkey thrives to this day. After the jump, the classic Rally Monkey SportsCenter commercial.

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