Paul Konerko Is Willing to Help

Paul Konerko's love for the White Sox is unconditional. It has to be if Konerko is willing to follow the credo "If you love someone, set them free." Konerko is willing to let the White Sox set him free, if it comes to that, and if a trade will make the White Sox better down the road. Considering that Konerko is a 10-5 guy, that's one less headache that Kenny Williams will have to deal with if he needs to wheel Konerko to bring back some future.

"You never know because the answer could be you help them by leaving," Konerko said. "I would never be opposed to that. It doesn't have to be a breakup that's antagonistic. It doesn't have to be a thing where heads are butted." (...)

"I'm here for this organization -- whether I play for another team or whatever, it won't matter. I'll always be a member of the White Sox. If it ever got to a point like that where it's better for me, better for the team -- I would also look at the team I'm going to because I feel like you do go through hell to get that right. Only a small percentage of players get that right and I've got it, but again, we all hear that if we're not playing well this year, they're going to do something.

"Our goal is to make sure that doesn't happen. If we do well and we keep doing well, then you hope that conversation can stop."

That there is even a conversation about this at all is amazing since the White Sox won their division last year. But baseball is funny in that you can go from first to worst in an instant. Konerko realizes this and has prepared for that "in case of disaster, break glass" scenario. I have a feeling that Konerko's willingness to help the club even during his exit will endear him even more to White Sox fans.

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