Ozzie on Orlando Cabrera: ‘He Thinks He's Better Than He Really Is'

What? You couldn't possibly have thought that Ozzie Guillen was going to keep his mouth shut after the remarks Orlando Cabrera made on Wednesday night. Cabrera said that the White Sox don't have the right attitude when taking the field, and that they "want to be clowns" in the clubhouse.

Well the head clown took offense to OC's remarks, and he fired back before his team blew it's division lead on Thursday night.

''You can say Orlando took a shot at the players,'' Guillen said. ''To me, the problem is Orlando thinks he's better than what he really is. He acts like he played with better people, better managers, better players, like he's doing us a favor. Well, everyone has a different personality, and that's the way we are here. Am I supposed to take things away from the players because we're losing? I won't do that. I'm the same way all year long, and I'm not going to change that because we're losing. He's not going to change the manager.

''The thing is, be careful what you say, and you better look yourself in the mirror. Orlando is lucky that no one has called him out on this ballclub. I was surprised none of his teammates haven't called him out and say, 'You better explain about this.''

''I want to keep my clubhouse fun,'' Guillen said. ''Orlando is a big part of this ballclub, and if we're going to win, we win as a team. If we lose, well, he's the first guy to look at because he's the only guy that's played almost every day. It's not about what you do in the clubhouse, it's what you do out there. You can sit in the clubhouse for hours and pray, hold hands, play cards -- everyone has their own way to prepare themselves.

''The thing Orlando has to understand is you're not a leader in a day. You have to be a leader from the beginning to the end.''

Well I have good news for both of you. The way the White Sox are playing right now, I'm pretty sure they'll only have to deal with each other for a couple of more days.

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