NBA Overseas Defection Watch List Update: Deng, Finley Say No, Gordon Next?

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For those of you wondering, we ask that you keep an eye on that tongue of ours which is firmly tongue in cheek on this list we're compiled. It's not like we're waiting on LeBron James to say "Nah, thanks. I hear Moscow's lovely this time of year." But it's an interesting story, and really, it's the slow part of the offseason. Plus, it definitely looks like there's interest from the clubs overseas in at least exploring offers, even if they're not all being accepted with Josh Childress' zeal. Here's a little review.

Okay, so like we said, Machine (Sasha Vujacic) no want Europe dollar. He like America, with shoes and parties and McDonalds.

We find this morning over at the Sporting News that a European club "that's been in the news a lot lately" had its eyes on veteran Spurs shooter Michael Finley. Finley declined however, as it was "not something Michael wants to do at this point in his career" according to his agent. So mark another one off the list, but note the Euroclub approaching a veteran.

Also to add to the list of those staying at "home" is Bulls restricted free agent Luol Deng. Deng apparently had talks with Olympiacos and turned them down as well. While the contract situation with Deng continues to get stickier with each passing day, it looks like overseas will not be an option for the Brit.

The question now becomes what happens with Deng's teammate Ben Gordon, who's having his own drawn out problems with Bulls management. With Monta Ellis' rather huge deal, Gordon's market value has just shot up, to the point where no team may be willing to pay him what he's worth. At least on this side of the pond. There's already been talk that Olympiacos has turned its attention towards Gordon.

So for now Gordon and Andris Biedrins (who we've already discussed but who Tim Kawakami doubts is taking off) are at the top of the watch. Far from an epidemic, but you know, a slight sniffle that you may keep you indoors for a day or so.

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