NBA Essentials: Faces of Adversity

NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. Straight Bangin'. "Ladies, if you like what you see, please send headshots so Marc [Gasol] can decide if he's gonna give you his number or not." Too much fun.

2. D.C. Sports Bog. Countering the NBA stars who unknowingly end up with troubling Chinese phrases tattooed on their bodies, Steinberg finds a Chinese badmintonist with a nonsensical English phrase on his back.

3. The Sporting Blog. Explaining why China loves Kobe.

4. Blog-a-Bull. Sober thoughts on the Ben Gordon flustercluck.

5. San Francisco Chronicle. More Ricky Rubio-Peter Maravich comparisons. Based only on hair this time.

6. Bullets Forever. Soulja Boy is supplanted atop the Hip-Hop Stars Wizards Fan Club.

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