Marvin Lewis Is a Master of the Obvious

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Despite all the rats jumping off the Bengals' sinking ship, head coach Marvin Lewis doesn't think things are all that bad. Sure, it isn't a bed of roses right now ... but a little polish here and there will quickly get this season back on track.

Right, Marv?

"I see us making the plays we need to make," Lewis said. "We need to strap them together and build upon them and not have little things that get us off course. We have to compete and make plays all the time. ... We have to make first downs. We have to score on offense.

"On defense, we can't have plays that get us out of sync and out of kilter and allow them to change field position. On special teams, we can't hurt ourselves."

Whoa! I think Lewis has finally cracked the code. Be efficient on offense, be steady on defense and don't make mistakes on special teams. That's why they pay him the big bucks.

I know all of this is coachspeak for "we have talent, we know what we are supposed to be doing ... but we aren't doing it" and all, but these are the kinds of things coaches say when they aren't going to be around much longer.

I mean, dude has already gone on a rant that compared the team to lug nuts. This team is not just any 0-2 team: They are lifeless in all phases of the game, undisciplined and completely inept. Despite all of that, Lewis doesn't think the coaching staff needs to change a thing:

"Why would I change? It's Week 3 of our season," he said. "It's what I don't understand. What and how would I change?"

"I like where we are. I like what we've done," Lewis said. "I don't like being 0-2, but I like what we've done.

"I'm excited for the guys to go (play well). I like where we are."

Where we are is 0-2 and owners of the worst offense in football (the defense isn't much better). There is no polishing this crap.

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