Let's All Please Welcome Muhsin to the 10,000 Yard Club, Naturally Against the Bears

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With an eleven yard slant (that ended up being meaningless) Muhsin Muhammad, better known as Moooooooooooooose, became the seventh active wideout to catch 10,000 yards worth of passes over his career.

Moose signed with the Panthers in the offseason after a tumultuous few seasons with the Bears. And by "tumultuous", I of course mean, "miserably being overthrown by Rex Grossman".

Of course, the irony of this catch and this milestone can't -- and won't be lost on anyone -- because it came against the Bears. Muhsin got straight paid by Chicago with a monster six year contract but was released following 2007 and a bunch of relatively unproductive seasons.

Then, early this year, he told anyone that would listen that "Chicago is where receivers go to die", causing the Bears defense, and entire organization really, to flinch a little bit. Which may explain why the Panthers have yet to score heading into the two minute warning of Sunday's game.

Nevertheless, Moose is now part of a pretty elite club -- only 29 players in the history of the NFL have ever reached 10,000 yards, and regardless of what the Bears think of him, he'll always be beloved in Carolina.

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