Larry Hughes Dislocates Shoulder, Bulls Fans Reaction is Sincerely Sympathetic

Maybe the most hated bit player in the NBA comes down to a three-man race between Antoine Walker, Eddy Curry and ... Larry Hughes. But hey, you don't see anyone creating "Hey Antoine Walker Why Do You Keep Taking All Those Threes When You're A Bad Shooter DOT COM" or "Hey Eddy Curry Why For The Love Of God Can You Not Get One Damn Block Once In A While I Mean For Crissakes You Are Seven Feet Tall DOT COM." Nope, it's, a lovely site which was retired last season when Cleveland shipped Hughes (and friends) to Chicago. It's a wonder some Bulls fan didn't make a godfather offer to the "Hey Larry Hughes ..." proprietor, as all Hughes has done in the CHI is ... take too many bad shots.

So what happens when a despised player such as Hughes suffers an injury? Larry dislocated his shoulder in the Bulls' preseason closer against Minnesota Wednesday night. Thank You Isiah imagines schadenfreude from Ben Gordon. Blog-a-Bull attributes that feeling to himself:

I admit, I may have snuck in a pump of the fist when I saw Larry Hughes crumple to the ground. It looked like a separated shoulder, and [the Tribune] reports that's indeed the diagnosis. I'm not happy that he got himself hurt, but I'm happy he is currently out...if that makes sense.

I guess the most morally straight reaction would be to hope Hughes recovers quickly, but that the Rose-Hinrich-Sefolosha-Gordon rotation blows Vinny Del Negro away so magnificently that Hughes finds himself where he can do the least amount of damage (on the bench).

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