Lane Kiffin Won't Be Fired … Today

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Did you ever get the idea that Al Davis has a really hard time making up his mind? Or that he just likes to remind everyone that he is the one in charge and calling all the shots? After initial reports this morning that Lane Kiffin's dismissal was imminent, Adam Schefter of NFL.compasses along the information that Kiffin won't be fired today.

Despite the rampant speculation, Lane Kiffin will not be fired Monday, a Raiders source confirmed. "There's nothing happening today," said one Raiders source. "It ain't happening."

So it's not happening today. That doesn't mean it won't happen tomorrow, or Wednesday, or Saturday, or Sunday during the first quarter, or next week, or four Tuesday's from tomorrow ... you get the idea. It's still a matter of when, and not if. And if Kiffin had to deal with the speculation of him losing his job after a win on the road, it's hard to imagine he would make it through Sunday's come-from-ahead loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills.

Still, knowing what we know about Davis -- we know that he's crazy -- it's hard to guess as to what he has planned, and when he's planning on going through with it.

Of course, here's another train of thought. Perhaps Davis knows that Kiffin wants out of Oakland as much as Davis wants him out, and since Davis' goal is to, obviously, make his coaches life miserable, perhaps he's going to keep Kiffin on the job just to spite him. Yeah. That's it.

Yeah, I definitely made that up, but it's definitely possible. I think. I mean, he is crazy enough to do that, right?

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