Lance Briggs Rips Bears Over Decision to Deal Thomas Jones to Jets

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I work with a diehard Chicago Bears fan who said what Lance Briggs said -- the day after the Thomas Jones trade went down.

"Why trade away your best offensive player to make room for a guy who took himself out of a Super Bowl??"

The Bears linebacker said pretty much the same thing in a radio interview, in which he blasted Bears management over the deal ... which hurt the team on and off the field:

"[Forte] is an instant upgrade from what we had here last year,"

"Honestly, more than I am frustrated that Cedric Benson didn't pan out here, I am more frustrated that a guy like Thomas Jones, who was our best offensive weapon for the years that he was here, was traded and let go,'' Briggs said. "Because the guy, Thomas Jones, he was a great, great leader for the Bears. He was a fiery leader. He was a guy that when he got out on the field there were no biases to who he went to and told, `Hey, we need to get this done.'

"He went out and he played hard every day and even when we didn't win our league, the guy gave his whole heart and soul. He was our best offensive player every year that he was here. That was more frustrating, that he's not with us today."

A year later, Jones is getting a lot of buzz to have a very good year for the New York Jets ... and Cedric Benson is out of the league.

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