Lance Armstrong Hints at the Possibility of Politics in His Future After Cycling

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riding in the 2009 Tour de France, he may consider a career in politics.

And although 2010 may be too soon to see Lance run (I can't wait for the political "ride" puns), he's at least interested/concerned, based on a recent interview with Mark McKinnon in The Daily Beast.

Is there a future for Lance Armstrong in politics?

If you feel like you can do the job better than people who are doing it now, and you can really make a difference, then that's a real calling to serve, and I think you have to do that. I felt a strong desire to come back and race right now because I felt we had a place and I could have a real impact and that's why I'm doing it. I don't think you want to enter political life unless you really think you can really have an impact. Don't do it for a bet, or a dare or for your ego. Or for any other competitive desire you have. Do it because you can get in there and change people's lives. That's why you do it. So, there will come a time, or not, that I say to myself, "You know what, I can help affect change." And if that day comes, then absolutely.

Okay, so that's not absolutely set in stone, but still, he's interested. Here's the thing about famous people and politics: it's a fantastic mix if the rational for entering the political realm is what Lance refers to above: AFFECTING POSITIVE CHANGE.

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