Joe Theismann Thinks Tony Kornheiser Is ‘Out of Place' on MNF, Nobody Disagrees

Yesterday we found out that Joe Theismann was unimpressed with Chris Cooleyinadvertently posting nudie pics of himself. And today, in part two of Dan Steinberg's wide-ranging interview with the former Redskins quarterback, we learn that Theismann still has lingering feelings about how things went down on Monday Night Football, and, in particular, former boothmate Tony Kornheiser.

"I still think Tony's out of place," he said. "Tony was hired to do a job in a football booth that, first of all, didn't suit him. And it didn't suit the venue, the venue being football, period. Tony doesn't belong in a booth. What he adds and what he brings, ok, has a place. But it doesn't have a place in the booth, and I think he's gonna retire after this year....

"And you've got to remember, I got fired from ESPN because I talked about football. And now, their main emphasis after two years of trying to do it the other way, is going back to talk about football."

I was as down on Theismann, teevee analyst, as anybody, but I can't disagree with his contention that "Tony's out of place." That's a nice way of putting it, I'd say. Between playing the role of village idiot and fawning over Brett Favre like he's Peter King, Kornheiser has squandered much of the credibility he earned during an impressive 30-year stint as one of the country's best sportswriters. Solid work, that.

I have no idea if Mr. Tony will retire after the 2008 season or if this is just wishful thinking on Theismann's part, but, well, I don't think many people would miss him. It's sorta sad, really. Not to worry, though; there's always room for one more buffoon on Around the Horn.

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