Gary Kubiak Coaches Like It is Madden '09; Madden Wouldn't Approve

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In full disclosure, I have to say that for the most part, I like a lot of the things that Gary Kubiak does in coaching the Houston Texans. He has a young team that plays hard and often over their heads, even when they don't always play smart.

However, the last couple of games have had some very questionable play calls by Kubiak and his staff. Despite playing one less game than most of the league, the Texans lead the league in going for it on 4th down seven times. They have made only two of these attempts.

In the game against the Steelers, it happened early in the game, failed, and made the Texans defense have to defend a short field instead of pinning Pittsburgh deep.

Against the Titans, the team twice went for it and failed on fourth down (5:20 left in the 3rd Q and 7:12 left in the 4th Q ) instead of putting chip shot field goals on the board that might have forced the Titans to actually have to take chances on offense.

If they were struggling so much on 3rd downs, what made them think 4th downs would be any easier to move the ball?

Also something that I would love to get an explanation of is the Texans procedure for throwing the red flag for replays. Kubiak's challenge stats are awful. Early in the Texans-Titans game, there was a play by the TItans that did not look like a catch from the replay. Kubiak didn't challenge it despite the Titans lining up quickly and the Texans players wanting him to throw it. After the game, Kubiak said that the replay did not show up in the Texans booth. How did that happen?

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