Five Months Pregnant and Still Making Birdies, Hjorth Near the Lead in LPGA

There isn't a sport with as many factors as golf. A good shot could take a bad bounce, the wind could knock your ball in a pond or a birdie putt heading right in the heart of the hole could hit a spike mark and lose its only chance.

The game is hard enough as it is, but could you imagine playing the game five months pregnant?
Maria Hjorth, ranked 12th in the world on the LPGA, not only is five months pregnant and still playing some golf, but she's playing some dang good golf, leading the Longs Drugs Challenge after the first day and currently just two shots back in the second round. Now that is some pretty remarkable pregnant golf.

The Swedish golf star fired a six-under 66 yesterday and said after her round that pregnancy is a little bit of a hindrance.

"It affects me a little bit," said Hjorth.

"Sometimes my body gets a little bit slow and my hands get quicker than my body. (On Thursday) a few shots I pulled them a little bit left. Other than that it doesn't really affect me too much. I've been feeling really good throughout the whole thing so far. I'll keep on playing until I feel I can't anymore."

This is pretty remarkable if you think about it. Hjorth has a little kiddo growing in her tummy and is not only still playing some golf, but doing it as well, if not better, than most of the ladies out there. Also, this is why women's sports deserve more credit than they usually get.

Sure, they can't jump as high or run as fast or pound 300 yard drives with ease, but they have to deal with a ton more physically than the men do. Imagine if Tiger Woods had to deal with pregnancy among all the other stuff he has going on? You think he was wincing with that knee at Torrey Pines. I heard morning sickness sure makes it tough to make those early tee times.

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