Even William Clay Ford Sr.'s Son Thinks Matt Millen Should Be Canned

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For reasons that defy explanation, Lions president Matt Millen didn't motivate the charges with his "stay the course" speech prior to Sunday's shellacking at the hands of the 49ers, a team that finished dead last in offensive efficiency last season.

Way to rally the troops, Matt.

Now, after being embarrassed by Mike Martz, the guy apparently not fit to run the Detroit's offense, it seems as if at least one member of the Ford family has come to the realization that has plagued fans since that fateful day in 2000 when Millen was announced as the Lions new president and general manager.

Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., at a Detroit Economic Club event Monday, had this to say in response to a reporter's question about the Lions game on Sunday:

"It was an embarrassment, the fans deserve better, and if I had the authority, I would have fired the general manager," Matt Millen, Ford said. When asked again a few minutes later if he would fire Millen, he said, "Yes, but I don't have that authority."

Sweet baby Jesus, that brings the total number of people on the planet who don't consider Millen a boob to one. Or, at the very least, one person who can't be bothered with the sorry state of his investment to actually fire the guy who's running it into the ground.

If there's any job Millen is qualified for, however, I'd say it's the one Lane Kiffin will soon be vacating. A history of not being an idiot, isn't a requirement -- in fact, it seems to be frowned upon -- and I get the sense that Millen would be the final piece to a Oakland Raiders FUBAR puzzle. He sounds like exactly the person Al Davis is looking for.

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