Denny Green Is Not Walking in That Door, Al Davis … Oh Wait, Wrong Cliche

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Denny Green is what we all thought he was -- you knew it was coming, so you should have braced yourself early -- a retired football coach. And, according to what he said on Sporting News radio yesterday (as transcribed by Larry Brown Sports), he is going to stay that way.

Stews: "It's obvious that some time during the course of the year, Lane Kiffin is probalby going to be dismissed from his job. If that happens and your phone rings and the caller ID says 'Al Davis,' do you answer that phone call, Coach?"

Green: "No I do not."

Good for Denny, insomuch as he appears to be able to recognize another horrible coaching situation that he has no business stepping into. Seriously, think about it: Lane Kiffin is still employed, the Raiders are 1-1 and effectively not the worst team in the NFL, and we're asking unemployed people if they'd be interested in a job opening.

I'm not saying people should leave Kiffin alone and and let him work, I'm just pointing out that Green would have to be both desperate and crazy to think about taking the Oakland gig at this point. Besides, he's making enough cash off his catch phrase to do just fine, thank you.

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