Cubs Fans, Desperate for Any Semblance of an Excuse, Turn to Potentially Blaming Priest

There's still a lot of series left. So I'm not gonna do anything stupid and jinx my Dodgers bet by pointing out that the Cubs straits are more dire than a, well, there's no need for Mark Knopfler jokes here. In fact there isn't a need for any jokes -- this is a serious situation for Cubs fans, and gosh darnit, they are going to find someone to blame.

Before it was Bartman and a goat. Now, it's a preacher. So, yeah, this should end well for everyone.

But when a TBS cameraman saw Rev. Father James L. Greanias spreading holy water in the Cubs dugout several hours before Game 1 of the Division Series on Wednesday, the priest from St. Iakovos Greek Orthodox Church in Valparaiso, Ind. knew the cat was out of the bag.

[...]"Now I guess I'm just another Cubbie Occurrence," he said.

The spreading of the holy water took about 10 minutes, as Greanis went up and down the dugout, getting it in every nook and cranny. The remaining holy water was poured out onto the field near the dugout steps where the players run out to their positions.

"It's not unusual," Greanis said. "In Greece, the priest blesses soccer teams, and they did it in the Olympics, too. It was not intended to be a p.r. stunt or anything."

That's fantastic. It's a much better story when it's not a publicity stunt. And the story becomes best (like a black bear) when the Cubs subsequently lose ... like now. Actually, I take that back -- I don't ever like to see anyone injured and I'm a little afraid of what the outcome will if/when the Cubbies lose the series and Father Greanias finds himself in the middle of an angry blue mob.

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