Cris Carter Praised Ex-Lions Charles Rogers, Mike Williams Before They Became Busts

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Remember how star receiver turned NFL analyst Cris Carter said he knew all along that Charles Rogers and Mike Williams would be NFL busts? And remember how he said he could have warned Matt Millen not to draft them?

Yeah, it turns out that Carter wasn't exactly being truthful.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo reports that in reality, Carter was singing the praises of both Rogers and Williams before they Lions spent top 10 draft picks on them.

Said Carter of Rogers just before the 2003 draft, "He's very similar - and I don't like to make a lot of comparisons - to Randy (Moss) in a sense, a big basketball player playing wide receiver. He's the only receiver that's come out since Randy that you can make an honest comparison to. He has a yearning to learn."

As for Williams, Carter said just before the 2005 draft, "I think he's going to be a great player. I think people will be surprised at the kind of person he is. He's really a hard worker. He takes his training very seriously and wants to be very good."

None of this changes the fact that Millen screwed up when he spent Top 10 picks on Rogers and Williams, or the fact that Millen is the worst general manager in NFL history. But for all the mistakes Millen made running the Lions, failing to call Cris Carter was not one of them.

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