Cowboys Not Happy About Skins Celebration on Dallas Star

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For whatever reason, the big star in the middle of the Cowboys stadium is considered some sort of sacred ground. I don't really get it, but then a lot of what makes Texas spin crazily around kind of bypasses me too.

Of course, I do understand that when someone wins and they do a little dance in my face on my home field, I get a little teed. So I kind of see where Tank Johnsonis coming from. Then again ...

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tank Johnson had to be restrained after return specialist Rock Cartwright stood on the 50-yard line star at Texas Stadium yesterday as he celebrated Washington's 26-24 victory.

"This is how it is. When you win, you win with class. When you lose, you lose with class," Johnson said. "One of their guys, Cartwright, took it upon himself to celebrate on our star.

"It's the fourth game of the season. No one has accomplished anything but a win. That's just disrespectful and I don't think we'd do that to them. And I'm surprised he did that to us."

Totally understandable. Tank is, after all, a Cowboy 4 life. Or not. Whatever. Cartwright pointed out that he wasn't exactly dancing on the star a la Terrell Owens, and that he merely wanted to hang out with everyone at the center of the field.

Here's the thing: even if Cartwright did stand there and shimmy on the star for a few minutes, well, big freaking deal. This is a major rivalry, both teams hate one another and when the underdog pulls a big upset on the heavily favored Cowboy superpower in their last game at the stadium, you can expect this sort of thing.

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