Colts Actually Debating Whether or Not to Kick To Devin Hester

Filed under: , , , , The Colts will apparently face a dilemma Sunday night if the Chicago Bears win the opening coin flip in spankin' new Lucas Oil Stadium ... whether or not to kick the ball deep to greatest returner in NFL history. Wait, hold on ... I'm getting something here:

They could not have possibly forgotten that play already. Yes, I'm sure they also remember they won the game. They'd likely be able to overcome a Devin Hester TD to win this one, too. They are a much better team on paper than the Bears. That's obvious. My question, though, is why? Why let Hester christen your new digs? I've gotta believe they want the first touchdown in their new stadium to be from a Colt, not a Bear.

There is the ego thing. I know, "screw it, we'll just kick it to him and stop his ass!" Right? But what happened last time?

"I remember when we were practicing for the Super Bowl, we were saying we were going to keep it away from him. The players were like, 'We're going to kick to him. Devin Hester who?' " Darrell Reid said. "He showed us."

Uh huh. What about the Adam Vinatieri, does he have an opinion?

"It's like trying to say, hey, I'm going to go fight Muhammad Ali in his prime," the Colts kicker said. "It's a scary thing to do."

So why bother? Just squib the kick or put it out of bounds. Surely the Colts have enough confidence in their defense against the Kyle Orton-led juggernaut that they can hold them to three or less points from the forty.

Actually, when you decipher the material given from Tony Dungy, it appears they won't take their chances ...

Asked if the Colts would kick to Hester this time, Dungy smiled and turned jokester. "I will do the same thing," he said, prompting reporters to laugh. "We're going to kick it to him, show him and teach him a lesson."

So maybe they did learn their lesson. We'll find out Sunday, er, maybe. There's a 50/50 chance.

I know I'm rooting for insanity -- kicking it to him -- to prevail.

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