Christ Overruled as Connecticut Legislature Permits UConn to Play Notre Dame

Proving that politicians can be bat-crap crazy fans even in the Northeast, the Connecticut legislature gave its approval for UConn to play Notre Dame in a six game home-and-home series starting in 2011, over the objections of Rep. Michael Christ.

Why did they even get involved in whether the football team could schedule a series with Notre Dame? It wasn't about religion. As usual, it was about the money. The way the series with Notre Dame was established, none of UConn's "home" games would take place in Connecticut.

The UConn "home" games would take place in NFL stadiums in Massachusetts, New York (if built) and New Jersey. None of the games would take place in the Connecticut taxpayer subsidized $91.2 million home stadium built in East Hartford. No economic benefit to the state or the local service industries.
So it shouldn't be a shock that the legislators for East Hartford, Michael Christ (who also happens to be the Deputy Majority Leader of the Connecticut House of Representatives) and Gary LeBeauobjected to the series quite vehemently.

...I find it insulting that the school's athletic department is now considering leaving "The Rent" in favor of outsourcing our home games against Notre Dame.

Can there be a moratorium on the use of the term "outsourcing" for the rest of 2008? Please?

The original series was supposed to be for 10 games, but the legislature did get UConn to agree to limit the initial deal for 6 years (plus another game at ND in 2009). Originally, it was going to be a 10 year agreement. The reason for shortening it was so the Connecticut lawmakers could save face hold out hope that if the series is renewed, there might be some games played at Rentschler Field.

UConn also agreed to still play 6 real home games in the years where it plays Notre Dame at "home," and guarantee tickets to the game for season ticket holders and the students.

UConn wants the series for the extra national exposure and money it will get. The mocking and derision for playing a neutral site game where everyone knows the ND fans will outnumber Husky fans is apparently a small price to pay.

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