Chillin' At the Water Cooler With Bengal Fans: Blacked Out On and Off the Field

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I live and work in the Metro Cincinnati area and the Bengals are usually on everyone's brain. During the season, I will gather a few of my co-workers (Tom Otten, William Morgan and Dave Chandler) together "at the water cooler" and discuss some Bengals topics

Tom won't be involved this week, as he is enjoying Disney World in Orlando.

Last Sunday, the Bengals laid an egg against the Titans, 24-7. At the same time, most of the Cincinnati area lost power due to hurricane force winds (William has yet to have his power turned back on) and there is wide-spread property damage (my roof lost about 20% of its shingles).

Sportz Assassin: Looking at the upcoming schedule, do you think the Bengals could realistically lose their first 11 games?

Dave: We can very easily be 0-11 with Baltimore coming to town. The schedule is pretty brutal and we look rough. Not a good combination. Maybe 0-15 with Kansas City coming to town baby!!!

William: Well, they won't do that bad ... but they way they've been playing, it's possible. But no!

Sportz: Yeah. They suck. What's more troubling: Carson Palmer with zero TDs and three INTs, defense with zero INTs and just one sack, Chris Perry's 2.65 yards per carry or Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh with just 11 combined receptions?

Dave: The offense as a whole is troubling. This is supposed to be the strength of our team.

William: I think all of it is troubling because they're all playing bad at the same time.

Sportz: If the Bengals keep this up, do you think Mike Brown will ultimately fire Marvin Lewis?

William: Yes.

Dave: Yes. He will fire Marvin and then hire someone and blow smoke about how everything will change. Nothing will change usless Mike Brown ultimately swallows his huge ego and lets more gifted football people control his team.

Sportz: Okay, we all think the New York Giants will smash the Bengals this Sunday. With Chad and T.J. both hurting, would you just go ahead and sit them this week, play your young receivers, take the loss and start fresh against the Browns next week?

Dave: I don't know about sitting Chad and T.J., but at least get them more involved.

William: No, only because you need to get those guys on track and the only way to do that is to play them. They need to get on track with Palmer. They can rest at their bye week.

Sportz: Okay, a positive note. Who is the one Bengal who you are the most proud of right now?

William: It's hard to say right now.

Dave: Punter Kyle Larson. He is over-worked and under paid. Also, Keith Rivers leading the team in tackles and living up to expectations.

Sportz: How about that wind storm!?!? I was watching the game as I could hear my roof peeling off above me. My neighbor's siding was peeling off, banging against his house and landing in my yard. My wife was freaking out. I, luckily, only lost power for 12 hours. What are your stories?

William: I was watching the game at work until the power went out ... about 2:30 pm. So I didn't catch some of the 3rd quarter. Watched the 4th quarter on my battery operated TV. About a 5" screen with about 15 people from work surrounding me.

Dave: Power went out while I was watching pregame show. Came back on about seven hours later. No big deal. Had to put on pants and leave house to go watch games.

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