Charlie Weis Won't Be Calling Any More Plays

It appears that Charlie Weis may have finally come to the realization that he can't do everything by himself anymore, and that sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask others for help. That's why Notre Dame has brought in Jon Tenuta as it's assistant head coach for defense, and it's also the reason behind Charlie's latest move.

He's not going to be calling plays this season.

Weis said Friday he will begin severing the ''umbilical cord'' between himself and the offense during spring practice and will relinquish play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Mike Haywood this fall.

'Play-calling is my greatest strength, OK, but I'm the head coach, and when you're play-calling on offense, you might not necessarily be the best head coach,'' Weis said. ''So what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to be a better head coach.''

Weis said he will use the time he once devoted to scripting plays and fine-tuning game plans to make himself more available to young players. He hopes forging better relationships with them will ease and hasten their adjustment to the college game.

Weis also plans on spending his newly found free time to help the Irish with their special teams. Notre Dame didn't have a special teams coach last season, instead using all nine assistants to help out. This season Brian Polian, who coached the inside linebackers last season, will be focusing full time on the special teams units. Weis is also planning on visiting with Frank Beamer for advice as well.

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