Ben Gordon Is Aware of the Strength of the Euro, If You Catch My Drift

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Hey, look, it's not like I'm arbitrarily making up this stuff up, okay? If athletes and their agents will stop talking about going to Europe, I'll go back to making fun of incompetent GMs. But as it is, this is the currency on the market, so to speak.

Today's addition to the NBA Overseas Defection Watch List is Ben Gordon. Today at his youth basketball camp, he told reporters that playing overseas is definitely a possibility.

"Definitely, it's a possibility now with the euro being so strong," Gordon said Monday at his youth basketball camp. "Josh did it. It just depends on what the individual wants and what he can put up with. It's definitely something that seems like it would be interesting. But ideally, I'd like to be here playing in the states for the team that drafted me."

So there's that. Later on in the article, he mentions that the Bulls have a plethora of guards and so he may be expendable. This could be another example of a guy trying to increase his value by talking about it. Or it could just be Ben Gordon displaying his knowledge of the global currency market. But with Gordon's British background, and his newfound discussion of the imaginary elephant int the room, this may not be all smoke, no fire.

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