Ben Gordon Claims to Prefer Root Canals to Contract Negotiations

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People, in the heat of clamoring for more money, say crazy things all the time. Ben Gordon for instance, recently demanded $100 billion* for his future services as a Bull and even threatened to head towards Europe.

Now he's been quoted in USA Today as preferring a root canal to his contract negotiations with the Bulls.

"Right now, I think it's contract negotiations." -- Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon when asked by USA TODAY's Jim Halley which was more painful, a recent root canal or battling with Bulls management to work out a new contract. Gordon is currently trying to raise $950,000 for his high school in Mount Vernon, N.Y., where sports budgets have been slashed.

Benjamin, sir, my advice to you: try some, any or all couth when talking with the Bulls. Not that I think Gordon swearing up and down and being a total priss about this whole thing, but, well, actually he kind of is.

I might think I'm the smartest person at my office. And maybe I am (reality: I am not). But that doesn't mean I can walk into my boss' office and say, "You know what, screw 'most talented' and 'best future' or 'budget' ... I make with the funny at the water cooler all day, so either you pay me the most money of any employee here or I'm going to work in Europe."

Result = me fired. Gordon's field is a little more specialized but that doesn't make him, as Ziller noted previously, any less delusional -- the Bulls, and most everyone else, know that's he's a one dimensional scorer and not the best player on his team. Of course, maybe Gordon knows that too.

*May not be the actual number he requested.

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