Behind Enemy Lines: Packers Blogger Looks at Huge Dallas-Green Bay Showdown

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As we get ready for this week's huge matchup between the Packers and Cowboys, I exchanged e-mails with Rick Stratton from The Packer Backer Blog . Rick was nice enough to offer some insights on Green Bay for this week's Behind Enemy Lines feature.

Sportz Assassin: How impressed are you with Aaron Rodgers, thus far ... and do you think he can get Green Bay to the Super Bowl this year?

Rick Stratton: Everyone here is pleasantly surprised with Aaron's near-perfect play. Even the most die-hard Favre fans are happy with him. I think folks are starting to see why the Packers wouldn't take Brett back so quickly. However, we are all worried about an injury. Our backups are rookies.

Sportz: The defense has played pretty well ... but has had its lapses. Is that something that you're a bit concerned about?

Rick: That third quarter explosion by the Lions was painful. But like 2007, we rely on Charles Woodson. As long as his toe holds up, the Packers defense will do fine this season. Meanwhile, the defensive line has been great.

Sportz: In last year's highly anticipated matchup, Green Bay struggled with the Cowboys passing game. What will they do differently against Tony Romo this time around?

Rick: After watching the Monday night game versus Philly, Packer fans should be concerned. Marion Barber is a monster. The defense is going to have to stop him and take on TO/Tony Romo. I think the only way the Packers survive is to put up a lot of points.

Sportz: What advantage do the Packers have over the Cowboys on Sunday?

Rick: On defense, I think the Packers will matchup well against Barber/Felix Jones. On offense, Rodgers/Jennings or Rodgers/Jones deep balls will be an opportunity.

Sportz: What advantage do the Cowboys have on the Packers?

Rick:Al Harris. He's good for at least one long TD and two interference penalties per game. The offensive line has been in the training room for months. If center Scott Wells is back this week, it gives the line a bit more depth. But he might be out another week.

Sportz: Curious. What would happen if Terrell Owens attempted the "Lambeau Leap" on Sunday night?

Rick: He better like Miller Lite, because that's the brand of choice in the front row at Lambeau.

Sportz: Okay ... time for a prediction!

Rick: 38-31 Packers

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