Bears Shock Eagles with Huge 4th and Goal Stop to Seal Victory

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In an absolutely ugly game from both teams involved, the Bears were able to stop the Eagles on four straight plays inside the five yard line to seal the upset. Andy Reid's decision to go for it on fourth and one while trailing by four points with under four minutes to play will clearly be the talk of the town in Philadelphia tomorrow.

I totally agree with Reid's decision to go four it on fourth down in that situation. If they plug it in there, the Bears are on their heals and the Eagles defense looked great in the second half.

Where I completely disagree was the play calling decision to run it four times in a row with a backfield sans Brian Westbrook. Seriously, if you're going to call four straight running plays, one of which was at the most six inches, why not use the biggest back you have -- Donovan McNabb.

While the Eagles certainly failed to convert, props must be given to the Bears defense for coming up big in the clutch situation. The Eagles had looked really solid in their first three games, even a loss to Dallas. But on Sunday night, this offense looked lost.

Perhaps this game is a good indicator of just how valuable Brian Westbrook is to this team.

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