At Long Last Caracter Leaves Louisville

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We think. No, really. This time, for sure. Maybe. Never, say never? Okay, yeah, I think it really is the end for Louisville, Derrick Caracter and Rick Pitino.

"I don't think there is any chance of him reaching the stipulations that we set forth," Pitino said. " ... It's in his best interest to do exactly what he's doing."

What is he doing? Well, his newfound devotion to doing whatever it took to re-earn his place at Louisville lasted less than a month. Instead, very quickly he ended up running back home to New Jersey and appeared to be re-evaluating things (Given Caracter's history of conditioning, that likely involved a fair amount of donuts and Tastycakes. Mmmm. Butterscotch Krimpets.). So much for getting his academics back in order.

Caracter, showing his typical maturity and responsibility, had his mother let a Louisville assistant know he was transferring.

What lucky school will be getting Derrick Caracter? It looks like he will drop all the way to the NAIA level and 2-time defending champs Oklahoma City University. He will be able to pair with ex-Tennessee guard Ramar Smith who was dismissed for academics.

At long last this story appears to be done with respect to any relevance in college basketball.

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