Astros Cancel Two Games In Anticipation of Hurricane Ike

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When a team is as hot as the Houston Astros are, the only thing they want to do is keep playing baseball. It appears that Hurricane Ike is not an Astros fan, because the Astros are canceling two weekend games against the Chicago Cubs in anticipation of the storm while the currently visiting Pittsburgh Pirates are making plans to get out of town as quickly after tonight's game. The team's statement:

"We're trying to be careful and mindful of our fans safety," McLane said. "People in the greater Houston area and Harris County have been encouraged to stay home. School has been canceled and we just want to do the right thing. We don't have a date now. We just wanted to let the fans know as soon as possible."

On his blog at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's website, beat writer Dejan Kovacevic details his plans to get out of Houston as fast as humanly possible after the Astros and Pirates finish up. There's no plan on or if the Cubs and Astros will make up these two games, and I suppose whether they do or not will be dependent on the standings. It's possible that neither team will need the games and they won't be made up at all, though that seems unlikely with the standings the way they are. I guess the goal is for the city to weather the storm first, and worry about baseball later. Those priorities are certainly in order.

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