Earl Bennett Best in League At Holding Onto Passes

There is good and bad news about the Bears receivers. According to the smart people at Pro Football Focus, Chicago has both the best and the worst of receivers when it comes to their drop rates.

Earl Bennett had the best drop rate in the league. He dropped just four passes, letting go of just 3.15 passes. He has worked with Jay Cutler since they were teammates in college, and the chemistry clearly helps them. Because he missed five games with injury, he had just 24 catches in 2011, but a healthy Bennett with sticky hands can pick up plenty of yards.

The bad news? Brandon Marshall drops a lot of balls. He dropped 11.55 percent of passes thrown his way over the past three years. What the Bears are hoping for is his chemistry with Cutler, the quarterback he had his best season with when the two were in Denver, will help him have fewer drops.

Devin Hester made the "top" 10 worst at drops, too. He let go of 10.29 percent of the catchable passes thrown his way.

By the way, if you think former Bear Roy Williams was a huge problem last season, the statistics back you up. He had the worst drop rate in the league, dropping 14.62 percent of catchable balls thrown his way.

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