Eagles Hype Video Is Pure Blasphemy

The Eagles have put together a little video announcing their impending visit to Soldier Field, trying to drum up some drama between Chicago and Philadelphia before Sunday.

They use our beloved movie, "Blues Brothers," as inspiration for a short cartoon that depicts the Eagles offensive stars getting tons of touchdowns, then shows our beloved quarterback Jay Cutler as a turkey.

Really, Philly? That's the route you want to go? We, of course, are far too classy to ever toy with their movie about that boxer, but class is not something Philadelphians are known for.

It is, of course, a work of fiction.

Beyond how comically wrong they get Jeremy Maclin's face, they must not have heard that they're facing the best defense in the league. Or maybe they have, and they figure that the only way their team will get touchdowns is via computer animations, since it won't happen this Sunday.

The crazy thing is that they have Vick playing the part of a freed convict. Isn't that a bit too on the nose, Philadelphia?

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