Dykstra Seeing Red Over Money Fight

Ex-Met and Phillie said to owe publisher $194G

Lenny "Nails" Dykstra is heading court once again.

New York literary agent David Vigliano claims that he lent Dykstra $250,000 last May with the understanding that the ex-ballplayer would pay him back $300,000 by November, reported the New York Post

Vigliano's lawsuit alleges that Dykstra was to pay him with the proceeds from $23 million in notes from his car wash business.

When Dykstra failed to pony up the dough, Vigliano kept a $106,000 book advance that was due to him. Vigliano is seeking the outstanding $194,000 of the debt.

In November Dykstra was dragged into to court to settle a $100,000 debt. The court appearance led to some classic Dykstra sound bites:

Adding to Dykstra's financial woes was the collapse of his Players' Club magazine, which, ironically enough, was targeted towards professional athletes who wanted help managing their finances. Whoops.

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