Dvoracek's Fourth Down

Fourth consecutive season of wearing a cap instead of helmet

Dusty Dvoracek is out for yet another season.  For those keeping score at home, that's four in a row for the Bears' ill fated defensive tackle.

There are some records in football that players and teams want, and others that no one is happy to claim.

Like having most fumbles per NFL season, or maybe even being the team that blew the biggest lead in an NCAA Division 1 football game.

Now thanks to the magic of statistics and the hard work by the good people at Football Outsiders, word is getting out that Bears defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek is running the risk of being named the most injured NFL player of the past decade.

Brad Biggs at the Sun Times commented Thursday on Dvoracek's uncanny ability to get injured by writing, "Dvoracek, who has been sidelined for 35 of 48 regular-season games over the last three seasons, will rank as the most inured player of the decade if he misses 11 games this season." 

ESPN.com then noted Friday that Dvoracek would be out for the 2009 season thanks to a torn ACL, marking his fourth straight season-destroying injury.

Four seasons in a row with an injury that earns a player a one way ticket to the sidelines via a hospital is pretty unfortunately impressive, if not depressing.   There's no doubt it's a pretty hefty task by most standards, but it's not quite the same type of accomplishment as breaking rushing or punting records.

Whether it's an honor or a title any player would wish to have bestowed upon them is an entirely different story.

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