Does Brian Urlacher Hate Jay Cutler?

What happened in Vegas didn't stay there

Another day in July, another slightly depressing Bears story. Can the season start soon?

Today's is especially grating, given the actors involved. Former Bears wide receiver Bobby Wade -- best known for being really small and undesirable outside of places like Seattle, where the smaller you are, the better chance you have of playing wide receiver -- went on Minneapolis sports talk station KFAN, where he said Brian Urlacher strongly dislikes Jay Cutler. Oh boy.

How does Wade purport to know this? According to Wade, he and Urlacher took a trip to Las Vegas this offseason, where Urlacher referred to Cutler as a "p***y." Yeah.

This may or may not be true. We never accurately remember things our friends say in Vegas; maybe Urlacher called Cutler a "prince." Maybe Wade just has the story wrong, or maybe he's trying to cause trouble at Halas Hall. Who knows?

But if he is right, and if Urlacher really does think Cutler's the non-flattering, emasculating p-word, does it really make a difference? Sure, locker room solidarity and all that, but Urlacher plays for the defense and Cutler plays for the offense. Ne'er the 'twain shall meet. Do the two really have to like each other to captain their respective teams well? We doubt it.

So maybe this sticks, maybe it becomes an issue, maybe local talk radio discusses it for a few days. But in the end, even if it's true, this is probably a non-issue. When Brian Urlacher breaks Jay Cutler's right arm in an intrasquad MMA fight? That's when we'll start worrying.

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