41% of Illinoisans Approve of Cutler

By contract, 87 percent of cheeseheads approve of Aaron Rodgers

Do you approve of Jay Cutler? If so, you're part of the 41 percent.

According to Public Policy Polling, the polling group who are best known for their election work, 41 percent of Illinoisans approve of Jay Cutler. Just 15 percent of Prairie Staters disapprove of him.

While that number isn't terrible on its own, it is when looked at Aaron Rodgers' approval rating in Wisconsin. Eighty-seven percent of cheeseheads approve of Rodgers, and just three percent don't approve. Wisconsin certainly loves their quarterbacks.

After the last few seasons, it's amazing more people don't find themselves squarely in the pro-Cutler camp. He's led the Bears to wins, played through injury and convinced Brandon Marshall to be a Bear. He's done plenty of charity work throughout the city. What more does he have to do?

But the Bears do have the majority of Illinoisans behind them. Sixty-three percent of the state's residents say the Bears are their team. Ten percent cheer on the Packers, and 4 percent are behind the Steelers.

I don't how this lowly 10 percent is allowed to live here without paying extra taxes. However, Illinoisans are good, tolerant people. We will let these Packers fans live in our midst and do nothing but scowl at them.

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