Dr. Devin Hester Gives Orton Prognosis

Optimistic Orton may not be back as soon as he says

Kyle Orton's healing process is of utmost concern to Bears fans, and for obvious reasons: Rex Grossman is usually either inconsistent -- patches of excellent play mixed in with patches of poor play -- or consistently bad. Meanwhile, Orton has been a revelation in 2008. The Bears need him back, pronto.

So it's obviously no surprise that Orton is feeling the need to get back on the field as soon as possible. The coaches feel it, too, we're sure. Stuck with a high ankle sprain that is supposed to sideline him for four weeks, Orton probably feels like he needs to rush the healing process along. But he can't be rushing it this fast, can he? No way Orton will be back this week, right?

If Devin Hester's hearsay evidence holds forth, he just might:


1. Devin Hester is not a licensed medical professional.

2. Neither is Kyle Orton

3. Orton might think he can play, based on his level of pain, but won't be allowed to by the Bears training staff. (Which, again, Devin Hester is not a member of.)

Maybe, just maybe, Hester screwed up and let loose with the secret plan for Bears world domination, or at least a win over the undefeated Titans. But probablynot.

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