Cutler’s Lady in Tabloids Again

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Don't you just love when the Bears quarterback is on the pages of Life &Style magazine?

Oh wait, you don't?

Because it's happened again. Cutler's girlfriend, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari was the subject of a rumor about a fling with Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney Kardashian's baby.

Yep, this young man apparently loves him some reality TV.

Though this reportedly happened years ago, Cavallari quickly denied it, and Cutler backed her on Twitter.

She attended the Marine Corps. Ball in San Diego on Thursday night, and Cutler thanked the Marine who accompanied her. That has to mean there's a little trust between the two, right?

Maybe it's possible that Disick was looking for a little publicity after Kim Kardashian stole the spotlight with her wedding then quick divorce of Kris Humphries? Nahhhh.

And this is what we get when the quarterback goes after a reality TV star. Tabloid rumors don't care that the Bears are in a crucial point of the season and could use a distraction-free environment. Give credit to Cutler for shaking this story off just as he's shook off every one of his 23 sacks.

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