Cutler Wows New Teammates at Halas Hall

A good passer will take some getting used to.

The Bears knew that they were getting a special quarterback. Jay Cutler made the Pro Bowl in 2008 for a reason. But they didn't seem to know that there was a sound that goes with Cutler's skills.

"Sometimes you can hear it coming," said receiver Rashied Davis, almost as if he were describing a UFO. "I've never been around anything like that before," added Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

You have to excuse the Bears. They haven't seen a truly talented quarterback since Jim McMahon, or possibly Sid Luckman. Davis is looking forward to working with Cutler, but someone who can actually throw the ball downfield takes some getting used to.

"You just have to get used to catching a ball that comes that hard," said Davis. "It comes fast; it's on you real quick. You've got to get your head around. Once you get used to running routes with him and catching the ball from him, it gets a little bit easier. But he throws the ball pretty hard and the heat is still on the ball 20 yards down the field. It's not like you're (just) five yards away from him and it's hot."

That's something Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman were not capable of doing. Davis and the rest of the receiving corps are going to have to step up their game, but that's exactly what the "organized training activities" are for. The receivers won't be surprised when they get together for training camp.

Jay Cutler's signing had some Bears fans dancing in the streets, and if there is anything that the young quarterback has to battle, it's expectations. Wowing the team on his first day will only raise those expectations, so Cutler has but one choice. Meet them.

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