Cutler Downplays Denver Game

Sure he was only in Denver for three seasons, but Bronco fans called Jay Cutler "their" quarterback.  The guy who was finally going to replace John Elway, the guy who threw for 9024 yards and 54 touchdowns in 37 starts.

He was their guy!


New coach, new management. Cutler and the Broncos broke up.  He was traded to the Bears, the Broncos get Kyle Orton in return, and no one in Denver seems happy. 

Fans declared July "Burn Jay Cutler Jersey" month on YouTube.  Ten year olds called him a "selfish crybaby", forty year old Bronco fans engulfed their #6 jerseys in flames.

So what does Cutler think about going back to Denver to play this Sunday?

"I’m not the first person traded to a new team, I’m not the last, that’s their business it doesn’t  concern me," Cutler said when asked about the Internet postings.

Wednesdays are "Jay Day" around Halas Hall -- that's the only time Cutler speaks to the media before each game. Third preseason game is the biggest in terms of playing time for starters, plus its DENVER!

"It’s a preseason game, we can’t make it more than it is."

Still Cutler knows the type of reception he will have at INVESCO Field at Mile High come Sunday night on NBC.

"Probably poorly, that would be my first guess,” a smiling Cutler answered.  And while he does keep in touch with ex-teammates in Denver, he said he hasn't this week. Game week is different. As for Broncos brass? Cutler isn't expecting warm hugs.

"I don't think they want to talk to me."

Yet if Cutler did talk to Kyle Orton, he'd probably put his arm around him. Orton was showered with boos after throwing three interceptions in a single preseason game.

"Its tough. I feel bad for Kyle. I think he’s going to pull thru in long run"

Orton didn't quite fit into the metropolitan lifestyle of Chicago. He's better suited for an "earthy" existence to accompany his Prius-driving, community gardening, food receycling way of being. But football wise?

Orton wasn't throwing himself any pity parties, although he admits he was shocked by the trade.

"I didn't expect it, but I didn't feel sorry for myself."

He's only four thousand yards shy of cutler's numbers in Denver and two dozen touchdown passes away.  But Jay Cutler knows Orton is surrounded by weapons to succeed.

A tale of two quarterbacks, saying the right things, letting their play do the talking on Sunday.

One last wonder -- what does Jay Cutler miss most about Denver?

"Nothing.  I'm good right now."

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