Cubs Fan Caught Tossing Ball At Manny

You can blame a lot of things on stress. Marital issues? Stress. Feel the air getting colder? Winter coming? Stress. Just talked to your banker from Lehman Brothers? Found out all that's left of your 401k is the k? Stress, brother. I feel you.

Should you so choose, baseball can add to this. A 7-2 loss, at home, in Game 1, to the Dodgers? Stress.

Stress makes us do horrific things. Just ask Paul Solans, 31, of Lincoln Park. Dude waited until Manny Ramirez returned to the field to throw a ball at him; that is a no-no in Wrigley, one of many, and the guy will likely not be welcomed back in Wrigley anytime soon.

Here's the thing, people. There's a line. Opposing player hits a home run? You throw the ball back out there, and you do it with pride. You do not throw multiple balls, nor do you aim at a player. It's not all that complicated actually. Just throw it back. Don't even spit on it. Cool?

As for Manny, he made it out OK. Thought somebody was trying to play spies with him, is all.

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