Cubs Want More Money From Under Armour

Club suing sportswear sponsor over contract disagreement

A few years ago, the Cubs debuted some noticeable outfield signage in the right- and left-center gaps in Wrigley Field. The ivy covering the Cubs' outfield walls was previously only interrupted by measurements of the distance from home plate, but in an unprecedented step, the Cubs decided to open the space to advertisements, signing a deal with Under Armour.

The signs were unpopular at first. Most changes at Wrigley are; few baseball environments are so fiercely attached to their past. But once fans got used to them, the Under Armour signs -- merely a white Under Armour logo with a black background -- ended up just sort of blending in. They weren't an eyesore, and they earned the Cubs some additional revenue. Not bad, right?

The Cubs want to continue that deal, but Under Armour is less enthusiastic. Throw in some sort of misunderstanding about the original terms of the agreement -- Under Armour believes they were signed for three years, which just expired, while the Cubs believe it was a five-year-deal -- and you've got the recipe for a Cubs lawsuit. Tasty.

CNBC's Darren Rovell, who broke the story this morning, has sources telling him the Cubs terminated the deal after the three-year period in hopes of re-signing Under Armour to a much more expensive contract this time around. Apparently, Under Armour doesn't like that. Who knows.

In any case, it seems likely the Cubs won't have those signs in the outfield next year, or at least not the same ones. We know, we know: you're heartbroken.

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